Stages of the voyage

Travel documents

On the day of departure captain Menkenveld was given a large number of travel documents. These travel documents were also preserved in the archives of the MCC. The documents included a numbered overview:

  1. Mandate of the West-Indische Compagnie Zeeland
  2. Proof of payment of toll of dito
  3. Authorization granted to  dito Compagnie by Her Mightiness
  4. Permission for exporting ammunition
  5. Turkish pass nr. 1359
  6. Peace treaty with the Moroccan emperor 21 November 1752
  7. Peace treaty with the government of Algiers, 1757
  8. Copies of the law of the king of Portugal against the carrying of pointed knifes, 29 March 1719 and 25 June 1947
  9. Publication of the Commissioned Councils for the Admirality in Zeeland, 30 March 1759
  10. Extract from the minutes of the Council for the Admirality in Zeeland, 3 July 1758 and from the register of the decisions of the Mighty Sirs of the Provinces of the United Netherlands, 26 June 1758
  11. Sea letters: one in Dutch and one in French
  12. Health letter
  13. Passport of the nation
  14. Conditions on which the crew was hired (contract)
  15. Muster-roll
  16. Note for the boatswain
  17. Invoice of the loaded cargo
  18. Instruction
  19. Particular instruction
  20. Further particular instruction
  21. List of correspondents in the English seaports
  22. Copy of the contract with the pilots of Dover
  23. Ordinance against taking along cargos
  24. Ship’s inventory
  25. Treaty of Marine between the crown of England and the Republic of the United Netherlands, 1674
  26. Mandate of the Surinam Society
  27. Copy of the bond paid to the same Society passed by Dibbetz & Schozer
  28. Order of Governors and Councils of Surinam due to received sugar, 5 August 1690
  29. Declaration of the Chief carpenter that this ship was built here