About this project

Other Sources

In addition to the MCC archives, a wide range of other sources have been used for this blog.

Research of W.S. Unger, Archivist

This project uses research conducted by the archivist W.S. Unger (1889-1963). The then State Archivist of Zeeland began inventory of the archive in 1945. The published inventory “The Archive of the Middelburgse Commercie Compagnie” appeared in 1951. Unger published two contributions of his research in the Economic Historic Yearbook  (Contributions to the Economic History of the Netherlands, published by the committee The Dutch Economic-Historic Archive in The Hague). His second contribution: “The slave trade of the Middelburgse Commercie Compagnie, 1732-1808” was an important source of information for this blog.

Other Sources

Other sources include:

  • Maps from other collections at the Zeeland Archives.
  • The map of West-India from the Norman B. Leventhal Center in the Boston Public Library, Boston, USA.
  • 18th century newspapers from the collection of the Zeeland Library and the collection in the Delpher database, developed by the Royal Library.
  • The CLIWOC-project – Climatological Database for the World’s Oceans 1750-1850.


The consulted literature is mostly the same as the list of literature in appendix 1 of the preface of the archive inventory. Also used:

  • Guillet, B., La Marie-S Séraphique navire négrier (Nantes 2009)