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Post a comment

Visitors are welcome to contribute to the blog about the triangular voyage of the ship the Unity. This can be done in several ways, for example by adding tags or by leaving comments.

Adding Tags

Visitors can help to add more information to the daily reports. This can be done by adding a tag to the relevant blog post.

A tag consists of one or several words that are relevant to the corresponding blog post.

For example: Sometimes lemon juice will be discussed. Adding the tag lemon juice to those blog posts will make it possible to search for this tag. This can be done by clicking on the tag, either at the bottom of the blog post of in the search window of the blog. The result will show all the blog posts in which lemon juice occurs, even if the spelling differs from the original text.

Leaving a Comment

Another way to enrich the content of the blog is to leave a comment. Every daily blog post has a tab ‘Comments’. Visitors can leave remarks here or ask questions. The Zeeland Archives will provide answers. Sometimes the employees of the Zeeland Archives will have this knowledge, at other times the answer might be given by other visitors.