Sailors run away

Council’s declaration

Declaration regarding the running away of Anthonie Colombo and Allonse Madroe anno 1762

We, officers employed by the honorable directors of the Commercie Compagnie of the city of Middelburg, Zeeland, sailing on the ship The Unity, declare unanimously

that two of our sailors, Anthonie Colombo and Allonse Madroe, have run away on Tuesday November 16th, 1762 while we were anchored in the river Demerara RiverGuyanaRio Demmerary. In the morning, four of our sailors, among them Anthonie Colombo and Allonse Madroe, were sent ashore to cut firewood in the forest. The above-named sailors did not return on board in the evening, and we understood from the other two men that Anthonie Colombo and Allonse Madroe had become separated from them; they did not know where they had gone.

A few days later, on Sunday the 28th of November, Allonse Madroe came back on board. He declared not to know where his fellow sailor was and explained that they had lost each other that night in the wood.

Our captain was told by the director-general of the Patented Colony EssequiboGuyanaEssequebo and annexed rivers, etc., that if we would find the two sailors we would have to take them back to the Netherlands; no scoundrel was allowed to remain in that land. Therefore, we agreed to keep Allonse Madroe on board to aid the accomplishment of our journey.

We herewith condemn him to the forfeiture of all his monthly wages and put him on record as a runaway. He may only enjoy the sea fare, without anything else, in accordance with the Dutch Rights of the Sea Law of king Philip, number 78, articles 1 and 2.

Thus completed and passed on board of The Unity, this December 21st, 1762.

Captain, Jan Menkenveld

First mate, Daniël Pruijmelaar

Second mate, J. Schütz

Third mate, Adriaan de Puijt

Boatswain, Pieter Piers