Alonso Madroes returns ill

Surgeon’s journal

On the 20th of this month Alonso Madroc from Cadiz came to me with complaints. He had pain in all his limbs, a fever and I also found out that he had an overall stiffness over his body. Because he had also a fever, mainly every other day, I prescribed a sudorific mixture (Prescription 2). I also gave him something pulverized against the fever (Prescription 3). Furthermore I boiled an extract (Prescription 7) for him, and for several days he used a stomach elixir. He took his shift again on the 9th of November.
Some days before our departure from DemeraraGuyanaDemerary, this person ran away from the ship and got lost in the woods. Because he found nothing there to live off, he came back after twelve days and was completely emaciated. After not having had food in all that time he looked like a Lazarus. He had two serious defects on each leg accompanied by a serious, sometimes gangrenous, putrefaction. I wetted it with an ointment plaster against gangrene with a mixed sunflower ointment of camphorated spirits. I did my utmost in order for the person to be cured, but it stayed as it was.