Alonso Madroes ill

Surgeon’s journal

On the 20th of this month Alonso Madroe from Cadiz came to me with complaints. He had pain in all his limbs, a fever and I also found out that he had an overall stiffness over his body, therefore I prescribed a sudorific mixture (prescription 2).


Prescription 2

R/ Misce fac mixtura sudorificans [mix and make a sudorific mixture] , every two hours a spoonful against fever

  • Cornu cervi usti [burnt cornu-cervi]: ℥ ß
  • 69
  • Sal tartari vitriolati [potassium carbonate; against fever]: ana
  • Sijrupus [de] limonibus [lemon juice]: ℥ ß
  • Aqua cinamoni [cinnamon tea]: ʒ II
  • [Aqua] cardui benedicti [tea with an extract of a blessed thistle]: ℥ III
  • [Aqua] melissethee [melissa tea]: ℥II


  • ℈ scruple = 20 grain, so approximately 1,3 g
  • ʒ drachma = 3 scruple, so approximately 4 g
  • ℥ uncia = ounce = 8 drachmae, so approximately 31 g
  • ß = ½ of the given amount