North Sea

First mate’s logbook

In the morning the wind was an average topgallant sail breeze coming from SE to SSE. The sky was very clouded. We put our compasses on 10° north-westerly. At 10 o’clock we raised the anchor and set sail. Today captain G. Boef, commanding the ship Essequibo’s Prosperity, set sail. At half past one, when we were at the last buoy, our pilot left the ship. Captain Boef welcomed us with As greeting5 shots, after which we thanked him with the same and set a W course. At 4 o’clock in Flanders, ZealandWestkappelle was situated ESE of us and approximately 3 ½ miles away from us.  At the outset of the first watch we steered to the WSE, keeping a depth of 14 to 18 1 fathom = 6 feetfathom. The wind was a reefed topsail SSE breeze. We To reduce the surface area exposed to the wind.reefed the topsails and took down the small foresail, and sailed out, just as captain Boef.  When The length of the watches was measured using an hourglass filled with sand. Each watch consisted of 8 half-hour glasses, marked by bells.4 glasses in the middle watch had run out the water was 23 fathoms deep. We steered to the SW. The situation remained the same until morning.