Property of Maarten Capper


1762 Inventory of the goods left behind by the deceased sailor Maarten Capper, born in Flushing, who drowned from the boat on [16 February] at the roadstead of …, All of the goods were sold via public auction on board of the ship on 22 February 1762 at the roadstead of Cape Lahou to the following persons:

  • 2 new linen trousers, 3 striped vests and 2 dito trousers to Cornelis de Stond, ƒ 13:16
  • 3 shirts and a pair of trousers to Adriaan de Visser, ƒ 8:0
  • A blue Lakens long vest and a pair of trousers to Abraham Campus, ƒ 5:0
  • A read Frysian gambeson to third mate Adriaan de Puijt, ƒ 8:0
  • A blue Duffel skirt and blue Lakens trouwers to Karel Hutte, ƒ 6:10
  • An old shirt, a mantle, shoes, 2 hammocks and some small items to Anthonie Colombo, ƒ 2:14
  • Two pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of socks, a pair of old boots, 1 dito hat to the same person, ƒ 6:0
  • Four old knives, a small bible, 2 old sheet metal boxes to second mate Johannes Franciscus Schutz, ƒ 0:18
  • Three pieces of gold weight and dito bowl to boatswain Pieter Pieters, ƒ 3:18


ƒ 54:16

The deceased person’s cargo goods via public auction

  • One piece of trimmed coloured textile to boatswain Pieter Pieters, ƒ 6:0
  • One ditto and a new kettle number 5 to surgeon Petrus Coeperus, ƒ 7:0
  • Two trimmed Haarlemmer boekties [textile] to second mate Johannes Schutz, ƒ 15:0
  • One dito and four sheets to the cook is Thomas Ditmarsthe cook, ƒ 15:10
  • Two trimmed rumals [textile], 4 sheets and a kettle number 1 to Paulus Christiaan Kemp, ƒ 22:10
  • Nine sheets to Adriaan Hillebrand, ƒ 18:0
  • An old tea kettle to Adriaan de Puijt, third mate, ƒ 3:6
  • One new ditto, number 3 to Johannes Coijwijk, ƒ 3:0


ƒ 90: 6


ƒ 145: 2 / £ 24:3:8

Found two unofficial notes regarding the deceased

  • Indebting Pieter de Graaff, the amount of ƒ 2:12
  • Indebting Adriaan de Visser, the amoount of ƒ 2:14 ƒ 5:6

Sum ƒ 150: 8