Grand-Lahou, Côte d’Ivoire

First mate’s logbook

In the morning at sunrise our boat arrived with 6 slaves on board, 1 man, 4 women and a boy. We untied a sheet in the foresail in order to be able to leave and bought 5 male slaves. With 5 The length of the watches was measured using an hourglass filled with sand. Each watch consisted of 8 half-hour glasses, marked by bells. glasses into the forenoon we raised anchor and set sail with an E by SE wind and calm. We fired 5 shots. 8 glasses into the afternoon we dropped anchor again at 9 1 fathom = 6 feet (170 cm) fathoms of stiff ground due to a calm, because we could not keep from the shore. We sold the possessions of the It concerns Maarten Capper who drowned on 16 February.sailor who had drowned falling of the boat. At night a male slave fell overboard and drowned, No. 1. From then on we had a SSW by SW gentle topgallant sail breeze and good weather till morning.