Barrels drifted away

Council’s declaration

Nr. 4

Declaration of the officers concerning the drifting away of eleven empty barrels of 1 A Dutch and German liquid measure of varying capacityaume on the coast of African Guinea 1762.

We, the officers employed by the honorable directors of the Commercie Compagnie of the city of Middelburg, sailing on the ship The Unity, declare on request of our captain Jan Menkenveld and to whoever it may concern, that on the 5th of AprilJune 1762 we were anchored at ShamaGhanaChama. Here we experienced a heavy trade wind from the ENE and also from the E, accompanied by strong gusts of wind and a high sea; we drifted with the ship, attached to two anchors.

During this gust of wind two of our water canoes capsized and drifted away, but were also picked up again. However, we lost eleven of our water barrels. Nine of these were bought by the captain at d’Elmina, since we cannot miss them and need them for the ship’s use.

We hereby close our declaration for the loss of the eleven barrels, having given the reason of it (if need be, under oath).

Actum on board the ship The Unity on the 12th of May 1762

First mate, Daniël Pruijmelaar

Second mate, J. Schutz

Third mate, Adriaan de Puijt