Lost stream anchor

Council’s declaration

Nr. 2

Declaration of the officers regarding the loss of a stream anchor.

We, officers employed by the honorable directors of the Commercie Compagnie of the city of Middelburg, Zeeland, sailing on the ship The Unity, declare unanimously, as requested by our captain Jan Menkenveld and to whoever it may concern,

that we lost our stream anchor on the 4th of May 1762. We were anchored at d’Elmina with the stream anchor when the buoy rope of the anchor broke, but we managed to catch it again. Shortly after, the stream anchor’s rope close to the anchor broke due to a strong wind and a high sea, causing the anchor to disappear in the sea. Several attempts were made to locate the anchor, all in vain. We thus declare that at our departure to America the aforementioned stream anchor remains at the roadstead of Elmina CastleGhanad’Elmina.

We hereby close our declaration, having given reasons for the loss of our stream anchor (if need be, under oath).

Actum on board of the ship The Unity on May 10th 1762

Chief mate, Daniël Pruijmelaar

Second mate, J. Schutz

Derdewaak, Adriaan de Puijt