Little Bassa, Liberia

First mate’s logbook

In the morning at sunrise the ship raised a prince’s flag and fired 7 shots. We fired 5 shots and then received the rowboat on board. The ship was called The Guinea Friends, commanded by A. Meijercaptain of Amsterdam for slaves. We got an A Dutch liquid measure of approximately 155 liters aume of palm oil on board. With 4 The length of the watches was measured using an hourglass filled with sand. Each watch consisted of 8 half-hour glasses, marked by bells. glasses into the forenoon watch, there was a gentle N breeze and we raised anchor and set sail. In the afternoon we had a moderate topgallant sail breeze and towards the end of the afternoon we dropped anchor at 12 1 fathom = 6 feet (170 cm)fathoms. Little BassaLiberiaLittle Bassa was to the NE of us. We found dirty ground so we raised the anchor and set sail again. At the weather shore we got a depth of 8 ½ fathoms of dirty ground and again 11 fathoms of stiff ground. We anchored with the 7 Tree E of us. In the night there were gentle SW airs and good weather till morning.