Atlantic Ocean

First mate’s logbook

In the morning and the forenoon there was a gentle breeze from WNW and stormy skies. At the start of the forenoon our head carpenter, Poulis Kempe, died. We put him overboard and As tributefired a shot. At noon our estimated compound course and covered distance of the last 24 hours was S by W 6 miles since the last time we gauged. We continued on that course until the estimated north latitude 4º26′ longitude 18º5′ with a found north latitude of 4º47′. We sold the possessions of the deceased in the afternoon. We got a trade wind from ESE with wind, rain, thunder and lightning. During the dog watches it was mostly calm, during the first- and middle watches we had wind from SW. Stormy skies with thunder, lightning and dark skies until the morning.