Atlantic Ocean, Cabo Ortegal

First mate’s logbook

In the morning there was a NW by N wind. At dawn we saw the coast to the SW by W at a distance of approximately 4 miles. In the forenoon the wind was directed westwards; The length of the watches was measured using an hourglass filled with sand. Each watch consisted of 8 half-hour glasses, marked by bells.four glasses into the watch we came about north till a calm. At noon our estimated compound course and sailed distance of the last twenty-four hours was W by S ½ S 6 ½ miles, which comes down to the estimated north latitude of 44°23′, longitude 8°33′. We estimated the corner of in Galicia, SpainCabo Ortegal to be approximately 4 ½ miles away from us. We saw a ship to the NE of us. In the afternoon watch and the dog watches there was a calm with occasional N gentle breezes. At sunset, we sailed around the corner of Cape Ortegal W by S, estimated to be 5 miles away from us. The coast itself was perpendicular to us at a distance of 2 miles; we made sure it was situated in the NE. During the first watch and the middle watch, the wind was very still. When four glasses in the middle watch had run out, we turned westwards. We had a gentle N by E to NNE breeze until morning.