Atlantic Ocean

First mate’s logbook

The wind came from S by E to S in the morning. Clouds were drifting overhead. Today one of our sailors, Jacobus Duijnkerke, passed away. In the forenoon we cast the deceased overboard and we fired As tribute a shot. At noon our estimated compound course and covered distance of the last 24 hours was SW 7 miles with an estimated north latitude of 2º27’, longitude 18º57’. We found ourselves at the north latitude of 2º29’. In the afternoon we sold the property of the deceased sailor. Later and during the dog watches the wind from S and S by W was an average topsail but also topgallant sail breeze. A topsail and weak topgallant sail breeze came from SSW during the first watch, and clouds were drifting overhead. After 3 The length of the watches was measured using an hourglass filled with sand. Each watch consisted of 8 half-hour glasses, marked by bellsglasses had run out we came about SE. Same wind and it was calm with drizzling rain until the morning.