Atlantic Ocean

First mate’s logbook

There was a gentle breeze throughout the morning and early afternoon from an ENE direction with good weather. At noon our estimated compound course and covered distance of the last twenty-four hour was S by W 34 miles, getting on the estimated north latitude of 30°24′, longitude 355°5′ we found north latitude to be 30°29′. We steered S and en reset the compasses from 16 to 10° northwest. Our carpenter repaired the truss on the back of the cabin. In the afternoon watch and dog watches a ENE to E wind varied between a gentle topgallant breeze to stiff reefed foresail breeze with heavy cloud cover passing by. We raised the mizzen put two reefs in the topsail and changed this to one reef before nightfall. There was a reefed topgallant E breeze with heavy passing cloud cover till morning.