Atlantic Ocean

First mate’s logbook

In the morning it was mostly quiet. Today the last baby passed away. At dawn we saw land at an estimated 7 miles to the SW by S from us. During the forenoon a gentle breeze came from E. We kept our depth of 30 feet. At noon our estimated compound course and covered distance of the last 24 hours was WSW 11 miles, arriving at an estimated north latitude of 4º30’ and longitude 338º26′ and with an actual north latitude of 5º33’. Therefore we put ourselves 1º3’ on NW, and we set sail for WSW. We saw the land an estimated 8 miles to the SSW to S by W from us. During the afternoon and dog watches a gentle topgallant sail breeze came from ENE and the weather was good. At the beginning of the dog watches we set sail for SW. We measured a depth of 30 to 27 feet of mud and sand. During the first and middle watches a gentle and average topgallant sail breeze came from NE, and the weather was good. We had a depth of 27 to 23 feet, and it stayed that way until the morning.